BlackIce Water Transfer Printing

combining top notch design with superior protection


Experience The Difference Of Quality

  • Black Ice* coating is for the metal parts of the gun only. Black Ice* is cured with high heat and some parts will not hold up.

    Black Ice* is an extremely durable coating that makes your gun virtually weatherproof. It sheds water like no other coating can. Black Ice* wears better than bluing and can be applied to stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and white steel. Black Ice* is also self lubricating so oil is virtually not needed, this also means not worrying about the oil freezing in extreme cold and there is no oil smell.

    Black Ice is available from us in Black, OD Green and Brown.

  • Water Transfer Printing (dip-coating) is a paint / ink process for when a specific look is desired. Whether you're going for a woodgrain look, designer pattern, carbon fiber, or camo look there are hundreds of designs and patterns to choose from and custom looks can be made also.

    WTP can be applied to stocks, scopes, guns, ATV’s, car parts, bows and almost anything that your imagination can come up with.

    WTP not only enhances the look of your item, but it is also a durable coating and helps protect it as well.