Now you can enjoy the benefit of Black Ice Coating on your favorite firearms.

Black Ice is actually a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is considered to be the most slippery substance that exists. Its nonstick properties have transcended the kitchen, and is widely used in other areas including aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial processes, and architecture.

Our way of processing goes way beyond the normal application range and makes for an extremely durable and tough finish. Black Ice Coatings is widely known for being the best processor of Black Ice gun coatings in the industry. We learned our process through 20 years of working in the aerospace industry and have been coating firearms for 19 years now with No major issues. We do not offer a warranty as we do not have guns come back. Our Black Ice DOES NOT peel, chip, flake or wipe off.

Available in Black, Dark Brown, OD Green, and a Light Brown

Why choose Black Ice?

  1. No need for oil… Black Ice is a self-lubricating finish that gets slicker with wear-in. No oil also means nothing to freeze up on those bitter cold Hunts.
  2. Completely weatherproof. Black Ice is a rust preventative, baked on finish that Water and Humidity can not penetrate. forget about those weekly oil-downs to prevent rust in unforgiving climates.
  3. Black Ice has more resistance than Blueing. Our Rifles have had more than 4000 rounds through them with minor wear to the Bolt.
  4. Clean up is a breeze when your Gun is Black Ice coated. A good airhose, a quick wipe and you are ready for that next Hunt.
  5. Very Cost effective. In most cases Black Ice can be applied for about the same cost as Blueing.
  6. Versatility – Black Ice can be applied over Blued Guns, Stainless Steel, Titanium and even aluminum parts. Just think of a Black Stainless gun. We also offer a Custom – Camo, with a mix of Realtree effects in a Black/Green combination.
  7. We use only the best coating to give your firearms the protection they deserve. DuPont Black Ice is the only coating for Black Ice