I received my rifle right on time like you said, and I’ve had some time to really inspect the Black Ice that you applied. Very simply, you did a beautiful job. I design custom aerospace parts every day, and most all of them are coated in some form. Your Black Ice was right on par with the best coatings I have seen. Also, I recently bought a custom rifle from HSP, which came with a Black Ice, and after playing around with that rifle, the Black Ice scratches off very easily. I am so glad that I sent you my rifle… your Black Ice is easily 10 times more durable than my HS Black Ice. Absolutely no comparison. And you really took your time to Black Ice coat EVERYTHING… the entire bolt assembly, the trigger guard, the magazine box, etc… I am very impressed. And you got my rifle back to me in, what, under 2 weeks? I didn’t even know it was gone.

Thanks for such a great job, I’ll make sure to recommend you to anybody who wants anything Black Ice coated!