I originally sent my NDM-86 (Dragonov) to a local gunsmith to refinish the rifle with a Black Ice. The local Gunsmith never took the rifle apart and just sprayed the rifle. The local Gunsmith did not finish the magazines and said they could not be done.

Lee at blackice coatings took the time to disassemble the entire rifle and coat every part, and then reassemble the rifle. He made a final inspection before sending it back to me. Lee’s attention to detail and pride in his work showed in the finished product. I was presently surprised on how good the rifle looks. Lee has made the rifle look better then new. Thanks to Lee my rifle is a real show piece. 1000 thanks Lee for a job well done.

I would recommend Black Ice to anyone wanting to refinish a rifle or handgun. I will send all my guns to Lee when they need to be refinished.