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Steve - Anchorage, AK

Lee I have to tell you, the rifle held up wonderfully. It rained here for 8 out of the 10 days I was in the field. The trees were almost sideways from the wind. Naturally I wanted to see how the rifle held up, so for the entire trip I purposefully yet hesitantly did not put any oil on the rifle. At the end of the trip it came out beyond belief. Having it with me in the pouring rain almost every day made a sure believer out of me. Since I use an HS Precision stock I believe I could've used that rifle as a boat oar. Absolutely no problems.

Here are a few pictures of the 2 moose I got. 65" and the other was 56". Thanks for being less expensive than most your competitors and having a superior product.

Douglas - Parrish,Fl

I originally sent my NDM-86 (Dragonov) to a local gunsmith to refinish the rifle with a Black Ice. The local Gunsmith never took the rifle apart and just sprayed the rifle. The local Gunsmith did not finish the magazines and said they could not be done.

Lee at blackice coatings took the time to disassemble the entire rifle and coat every part, and then reassemble the rifle. He made a final inspection before sending it back to me. Lee's attention to detail and pride in his work showed in the finished product. I was presently surprised on how good the rifle looks. Lee has made the rifle look better then new. Thanks to Lee my rifle is a real show piece. 1000 thanks Lee for a job well done.

I would recommend Black Ice to anyone wanting to refinish a rifle or handgun. I will send all my guns to Lee when they need to be refinished.

Chad Bulich - Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

I received my rifle right on time like you said, and I've had some time to really inspect the Black Ice that you applied. Very simply, you did a beautiful job. I design custom aerospace parts every day, and most all of them are coated in some form. Your Black Ice was right on par with the best coatings I have seen. Also, I recently bought a custom rifle from HSP, which came with a Black Ice, and after playing around with that rifle, the Black Ice scratches off very easily. I am so glad that I sent you my rifle… your Black Ice is easily 10 times more durable than my HS Black Ice. Absolutely no comparison. And you really took your time to Black Ice coat EVERYTHING… the entire bolt assembly, the trigger guard, the magazine box, etc… I am very impressed. And you got my rifle back to me in, what, under 2 weeks? I didn’t even know it was gone.

Thanks for such a great job, I'll make sure to recommend you to anybody who wants anything Black Ice coated!


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I received my parts today and I can't possibly be more pleased with how well my rifle came out! I've been looking for a used R700 PSS for some time and jumped at the chance to buy this one pretty much sight unseen from someone I thought I could trust. I was very discouraged at its condition when I got it home and took it apart. I was able to get the rust off, but most of the finish came with it. Thanks to your handiwork, it now looks better than new! I greatly appreciate your help and will do my best to send more work your way. You are truly an artist!

John Dixon - Kernersville, NC

Lee my rifle has arrived and a serious problem has developed........Now I want ALL of my firearms to have Black Ice on them. It is great!! The coating is consistant in every crack and curve of the parts you coated. I am VERY satisfied. I WILL be sending more of my firearms to you in the future.

Gene Dietrich - Amissville, VA

I recv. my ruger #1 that you coated for me.

To say I am very pleased would not be enough. I inspected it very carefully, & you did an excellent job. It really looks nice with the matte Leupold scope I have on it. Your attention to details show.

I wasn't sure it would match my Leupold scope so closely, but it did.

Dustin Dusenberry -Springville UT

My rifle has been in the Family for as long as I can remember. I have needed to reblue it for a long time. I am glad that I found Blackicecoatings and its ability to use Black Ice for all weather protection. I am looking forward to passing this rifle on to my son in future generations.

Richard Montgomery - Metlakatla, AK

Lee.. another great job! I am anxious to shoot it. thanks again. Will recomend you to my friends.

Bob Bowers - Roanoke, VA

Lee, Wow!!! Is all I can say. Once again you have outdone yourself. Thanks again for a great product. Oh and a little testimony here. I was hunting the other day with one of the Black Iceed guns, and was on a extremely steep mountainside. It was shale covered and the shale was in small chunks and very loose. I lost my footing and fell 25 feet down the side of the Mountain, with the barrel of the Gun dragging through the shale the whole way. I had no way to not do that. I didn't want to look, as I knew the Gun was destroyed. I dumped the loose shale from inside the barrel, and looked the Gun over. NOT A SCRATCH!!!!!!!! I was completely amazed.

Bob Anderson - Tennessee

I received the rifle and the work is outstanding. I will be sending you another in the future. Thanks!

Corey Wilcox

I was immediately impressed when I opened the box. It was obvious that there was great attention to detail on not only the action and barrel, but all the small pieces of hardware (screws, sling swivels, scope rings, etc.) as well.

My wife didn't even recognize the gun when she opened the box. She was convinced that it was a new gun and not the same old ugly thing I had sent in. She's looking forward to this fall's hunting season more than ever now. Thanks for the awesome work and the amazingly fast turn around time on this.

Just to let you know, I had called two major outdoor sporting goods stores in my area (one is a national chain) and both of them offered Black Ice, but at a 78% higher cost and a 12 week turn around.

Thanks again for the great work!

Glenn Miller - Springfield, OH

Got the Star on Friday. It looks great. I decided to test the durability and slide the clip in and out about 100 times or so. Not a single scratch. I took it to the range yesterday and put about 200 rounds through it. I have never seen a gun that clean after coming from the range. Nothing sticks to it!

The entire job turned out amazingly. I'm sure that I will be sending much more your way.

Kevin Colvard - Wm. Bolthouse Farms, Inc

Buy the way, the sig never would cycle the cci snake shot until you coated it for me, know it will spit out a clip full with no hang ups. You can tell your customers of my story and give them my e-mail address if they have any questions. Thanks again.

Tom Lodge - Hawaii

I saw your feedback page and thought I would spend a few minutes to address what I feel is one of the most important "care" items one can give thier firearms.

Here in Hawaii with the humidity and dust what it is, firearms have to be looked at frequently if they are not stored in a controlled environment, or they will rust and corrode. There are many horror stories about rust or corrosion with even stainless steel barrels that are not cared for properly or accidentally left in a gun case for a week even. Your Black Ice treatment makes all those worries go away.

Four things about your Black Ice treatment stand out for me:

  1. External cleaning your firearm becomes a matter only of wiping down your barrel and action and on my muzzleloaders, just a matter of a toothbrush and aerosol spray to wash away fouling from the breech face and channel. Probably less time than it takes to type this.
  2. This is a durable finish and I am not afraid to take the gun "hunting". It withstands everyday knocking around and even withstands some fiarly heavy abrasion as one of your barrels took on a concrete floor of a garage recently. This is the treatment every gun in Hawaii needs, and one that I would recommend for everyone.
  3. The job you did on my .410 caliber muzzleloader was outstanding. The bolt can be taken in and out without binding or abrasion and feels as if it is on roller bearings it is so smooth.
  4. Your Black Ice is very pleasing to look at and compliments both the laminated and composite stocks I have on my rifles with your treatment.