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Water Transfer Printing

Get the custom look you want at the right price.


You pick a solid, water-safe object that you want to decorate or update. Then you choose a pattern to suit your needs (camouflage, wood grain, carbon-fiber, stone, abstract, etc.) Send us your item to be “dipped”. When it arrives, we will put it through the water transfer process allow it to fully cure, and send it back to you.


First, the object will be prepped and receive a base coat. After the base coat is dry, the selected film is sized and placed in a specially designed computerized tank and sprayed with an activator. Once this is done, the object is carefully pushed through the film which adheres to the object. The object is then rinsed of all excess film, allowed to dry, and then sprayed with a strong durable clear coat, which guarantees a life-long finish. There is a dead flat clear coat for camo patterns, and semi-gloss and high-gloss clear coat finishes available.

Is water transfer printing durable?

We like to let our product speak for itself. Some of our largest clientele are automobile and boat manufacturers who demand highest standards of quality and durability. Many parts we manufacture spend the majority of their lives in direct exposure, such as boat instrument panels. The clear coat we use is automotive grade, designed to withstand nature and time.

What types of items can be printed?

A wide variety of flat or 3-D shapes and manufacturing materials (plastics, metals, etc.) can be printed. Depending on the size and shape of the object, it may require additional dipping procedures.

How scratch resistant is the final product?

The clear acrylic used is the same as that used on auto exteriors. It has been tested and approved in the sports arena for years and has excellent results.

Check out the patterns and colors we have available:

Many of the patterns and colors we have in stock. However because there are so many, reach out to us to make sure and we will let you know if there will be additional lead time and cost associated with your selection. 

Patterns/Colors from Twin Industries Water Transfer Printing

Patterns/Colors from Dip Pros

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